viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2022



Good evening beautiful women, how are you? I tell you that I just saw the game of Argentina against the Netherlands, my God, you do not know how I suffered when I saw that Argentina almost lost. But well, these are things of the game, I don't know much, but at least I wanted Brazil or Argentina to win. Well, this time I bring you a very interesting post.

This time I bring you a post about outfit ideas for women over 50. Some items that are a must have is a blazer because it makes any look elegant.

Another key garment for women who go to the office, are the pants in high tro trouser clip, it feels great because a good pair of pants can stylize your figure. Neutral colors like camel and gray are the best for this garment.

Another garment that is essential and can serve you for any season of the year, is the cloth coat. This coat goes down to the knees and is ideal for warm climates. A complement are the scarves, especially silk scarves, they are wonderful to wear on the skin and it molds, isn't it great?

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