lunes, 8 de agosto de 2022



Hello my dear girls, how are you? I'm excited because I'm going to write a very interesting post for you that I really hope you like it a lot and above all it will help you. This post is addressed to the girls who are in school, well also the boys can read this post, it is for everyone.

This time I bring you a post about how to stand out at school, how to be special and if you want to be noticed. These tips are super basic but I know they will be helpful.

- Loose and straightened hair is a definitive yes

- Lip gloss and mascara is all you need

- Try smiling more

- Be confident with the guys

- Be nice to everyone and make as many friends as you can

- Walk with pride

- Don't get nervous when the teachers yell at you, just smile

- Don't let anyone mess with your friends

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