lunes, 8 de agosto de 2022



Hi guys, what's up? you know, halloween is coming and almost all of us already have plans, well not almost all of us, I don't know if I'll go to a party or have my own sleepover. So, I've been looking for some ideas to do this halloween and my goodness I found some great ideas. 

I tell you an anecdote from my past, I used to have sleepovers with my friends and once when I was 14 years old the craziest thing happened on Halloween. Me and my friends brought a guy to my house at 3 in the morning, how crazy, I mean I know it was wrong but it is an anecdote that I will always remember. By the way, my parents never found out but don't do that.

But well, now let's forget what I told you and I'll show you the nice ideas I found to have the best halloween party. 

By the way, the most important thing for a halloween party is the invitation, that's why I designed an invitation that is very nice and has no age limit. This invitation is only 3 dollars. Well now enjoy.


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