martes, 30 de agosto de 2022



Hi beautiful women, how are you? I'm really sleepy, I'm trying to write this post since the morning but in the morning I had a block of ideas and I couldn't even write the first paragraph. But now at night, I kind of had an enlightenment and a huge brainstorm, the only bad thing is that I'm too sleepy and I have to do my homework, I hope to finish. 

But well, today I bring you a very interesting post about outfits for women over 50. As I always say, don't get carried away by age, you can dress as you want, you only live once. That's why, this time I bring you outfits ideas with some white garments. 

Don't think that white clothes are only for summer, no my friend, you can wear them all year round. Being a base color and neutral gives us the possibility to highlight the color to the look, it goes well with everything and you can combine it with almost all colors. White pants are flattering for women with small hips, as white "expands". And now you will see more ideas.

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