jueves, 28 de julio de 2022



Hi dear girls, what's up? I just came from a children's party, believe it or not I love children's parties because they are so much fun, the clown show makes me laugh too much. Also, I love to eat a lot of candy, haha even in some moments I felt like dancing there with the kids but no thanks. 

Another day I will tell you how the parties are done here. Speaking of which, I'm planning to sell printables very, very cheap for like 1 or 2 dollars. I don't know, what do you think.

Well now let's stop talking about me, this time I bring you some nice nail art ideas for halloween. There are more than 20 ideas, so I hope they inspire you because halloween is coming. I can't believe how fast the months go by. It's almost the end of the year.

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  1. I love your artical, so I decided to share it on my site. Thanks for letting me!