viernes, 17 de junio de 2022



Hi girls, how was your day today? I am writing this at 1:33 in the morning with my kitty. Although I don't always say it, I confess that I love writing for this blog, because it is my little space where I can talk to you as my friends, but certainly my life is not very interesting. I think I'll go back to using the dating app to get back to having funny stories with guys. I know, you guys loved those stories. Right now I don't have a love story, I'm more lonely than I am, but I'm used to it. I feel like I don't want a boyfriend just to "have a boyfriend", I feel good alone and that's how I want to be.

Sometimes the little things that we go through in our life, makes us so happy. For example, an outing with friends, that's so much fun. We are just happy and we didn't know it. For example, we all have a best friend with whom we have almost no pictures and when they are together they have such a good time that they forget about cell phones and selfies.

That's why I came up with this post of ideas for photos with your best friend. You can meet up one day with your friend to take a mini photo session to have as a souvenir. So I hope you get inspired with these ideas.

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  1. me gusta mucho esa quimica que tienen los dos les felicito no cualquiera llega tener esa amistad como ustedes ? te digo por experiencia ?