martes, 10 de mayo de 2022


Hi people, how are you? this post is very special because it is addressed to women over 50 years old. I can't tell you how happy I am to be read by you and to be able to meet you. First I introduce myself, my name is Valeria and I love to write. When I write long posts is because I have a lot to tell. I am the creator of this blog for women and I share a lot of tips with you.

This time I had the idea to share with you a post that will be very helpful. This post is about outfits for women over 50 years old. These garments are essentials that you must have. Remember that you can dress the way you want. Be free. You only live once and life is meant to be enjoyed.

Some of these items are the essentials.



Black Cigarette Pants 

Striped Pajamas 

Khaki Trousers 

White pant

Skirts & Dresses:

Little Black Dress 

Fun Day Dress 

Cotton Mini 

Shirt Dress 

A-Line or Bell Skirt 

Wool Pencil Skirt 


By the way, I have created a donation link in case you want to help me because as I always tell you, I am studying at the university and even if you donate 1 dollar, all of it will go to pay for my university studies. It is not mandatory that you do it. The link is in the "menu" and there it says "donate", thanks and enjoy the post girls.

Now I will show you some outfits ideas so you can combine your outfits and have a lot of inspiration. 

22 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful outfits modeled by the 30-something set. No reason the 50+ can't wear them.

  2. There was no link in where to buy

  3. Wonderful looks!! I am over 50 and are perfect for my style and body. Thanks a lot!!

  4. Looks lindos, porém para mulheres magras. Gostaria de ver looks realmente com mulheres acima do 50 anos e acima do peso, principalmente com barriguinha.

  5. Links to where these items can be purchased would have been helpful.

  6. Hey! I’m 60 and love these outfits! Would love links to. We are only as “Old” as we tell ourselves we are and these looks appropriate for any woman

    1. Most are very nice outfits and I can wear them and can pull them off because of my height. But not all women can wear them for obvious reasons. I won't wear the crop top or the skinny jeans and can't wear the high heels any longer. I'm sporting the straight leg jeans and pant, they are better suited for classy older women.

  7. Thank you for posting. Are there other silhouettes, too?

  8. You have wasted my time by labeling this article “ over 50”. More like “ over 15”.

  9. Love the looks! I am in my sixties and I would definitely wear those outfits.

  10. Love the looks. Really loving the shoes t. It would be great to have some deals where these items were purchased.

  11. J'ai plus de 70 ans, et je suis malheureusement beaucoup plus grosse que les mannequins qui présentent les articles. Mais pourtant, je pourrais tout de même porter une bonne partie d'entre eux, et en tout cas, la plupart des accessoires (bijoux, sacs, chaussures, pulls) des accessoires proposés... Merci d'avoir pensé à nous, les "seniors" comme ils disent.

  12. Hola ,me encantaron los looks !sii las modelos quizás menos de 50 años 😌👍pero nada que no podamos adaptar de 50 para arriba 💕👍

  13. These outfits are perfect for the 40 and up. I have a teen daughter that has a very different style ("on trend") and 30 something sister in laws that dress similar to these styles but much more casual as they're busy chasing toddlers. This blog is perfectly on point. I do wish there were links or recommended retailers.

  14. Love it ! Nice outfits...

  15. But all modelling by young girls so a bad representation to have women over 50 comparing themselves here Nice outfits but you proved yourself wrong using young models. What woman over 50 wears a crop top?!

  16. I am 82 yrs old and a little “puffy” but I love the looks and would like to see someone near my age wearing them. I am not “a little old lady” and I cannot find a place to shop that carries natural fabrics in appropriate styles.

  17. Very few of these looks would actually be age appropriate for a 50 yr old woman. This is a big miss for us chic older ladies

  18. Nice outfits & all probably easy enough to put together from exisiting wardrobe items - my daughter in law tells me to go shopping in my closet before hitting the shops! However, I & none of my 50+ ladies, would be too eager to wear any midriff revealing tops, even with a covering jacket, & high helels are a definite no no for me these days. Thank goodness for funky training shoes! :)