jueves, 7 de abril de 2022



Hi girls, I'm already in Lima, in my little house with my parents and my kitty. Wow it was a tremendous change to be back in Lima. I was used to walking to the hospital and walking back. Here I have to take a car because obviously the hospital is far away and tomorrow I start my clinical rotations, but well, let's stop talking about me and you tell me how is your day today. I hope you have an amazing day and achieve all your goals.

By the way, have you heard Ed Sheeran's new song with J Balvin, haha it's amazing, I love listening to Ed singing Spanish, it makes me fall in love. Anyway, girls I tell you that two days ago was my birthday and I made the decision to decorate my cake myself. I looked for that little doll that is usually used to send stickers and they look great. I thought it would be easy because it's literally just a couple of strokes, but it was a little difficult to draw it. I did it anyway and I really liked the result. 

So, this time, I will give you more than 20 minimalist ideas so you can decorate your cakes or if you don't know how to do it by yourselves, you can have your cakes made. This cake idea is very economical and very easy to make. I hope you like these ideas.

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