jueves, 10 de febrero de 2022



Hi creative guys, how are you? I'm happy because I'm finally going to upload a post that I've always wanted to upload here on this blog. You knew that you could draw in power point, when I found out I was very surprised, because we can draw and use our creative in power point. Drawing in power point is very easy and I will teach you little by little with many tutorials.

1- The first thing we will do is to open powerpoint, and go to "shapes". This toolbox is the best in the world and with this we will be able to create incredible drawings. I'm sorry because the language is in Spanish, it's because I'm learning Spanish and all my laptop is in Spanish. Anyway, let's continue with the tutorial. 

2- Then we will select a square and a rectangle, with these two figures we will make a marker. 

3- Now select "modify points", and move the points, we will give the marker cap the shape of a trapezoid.

4- Now we will do the same with the rectangle.

5- Finally, we will give color to our marker and we will put the text.

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