viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2021



Hey girls! How are you? I have a lot to say. Remember the cute guy who I didn't like at first, but then I did. Well, he stopped talking to me. I was sad for several days, I thought I wouldn't care, but I did. Since I know some girls like to gossip, I'm going to tell you a little bit about what happened to me. I met this guy on a dating app, I only downloaded the dating app to improve my English. Although obviously I was interested in some guys because I thought they were cute. Well, out of all the guys, this guy we'll call JJ talked to me all the time. Literally, he was the only guy who kept on bugging me. As I said at the beginning he didn't seem cute at all, he even looked older than me. 

Following the gossip, I decided to talk to him, since that's why I downloaded the app. Well, he was saying nice things to me and I was like "ok he's cute".  Then he asked me for my snapchat, something I hadn't used in a while, but since I was already attracted to this guy, I decided to use snapchat again.

He was talking to me everyday and saying nice things on snapchat, sending me snap selfies, and I awww, I was already in love with this guy. But after such a nice week of talking to this guy, we had our first fight before we became boyfriend and girlfriend, which is a bad sign. So, I pretended to be dignified and stopped talking to him one day, but since my dignity only lasted one day, the next day I wanted to talk to him, but you know what? my message showed up as "pending" and something like the message wasn't going to reach him until JJ added me back to his friends. So I was like what happened here, he really deleted me. And that's how my disastrous love story ended. Well, JJ if you ever read this, I was really starting to like you a lot. 

Well girls, thanks for read this story, and I have more disastrous stories. Love is not my thing. But well, now let's start with today's post. This time I bring you some ideas of casual outfits, these ideas are very nice and I know you will like them. These outfits can be used for when you go out for a walk with your friends or for a date with your boyfriend. 

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