martes, 19 de octubre de 2021



Hi guys! how are you? I tell you that today was a very relaxed day, well not so much, I had some difficulties, but it was still relaxed. Anyway, changing the subject, Christmas is coming soon. It's my favorite time of the year. The first one is halloween. But Christmas is nicer, even the essence is different. 

I always spend Christmas with my family every year since I was a baby. I used to like Christmas more, because my parents gave me lots of toys and I was happy. Now they don't give me anything. I am just my suggar daddy. Haha just kidding. But what they do buy me is clothes like all the girls. It's something I love. 

But what they do buy me is clothes like all the girls. It's something I love it. Who doesn't love to buy clothes for Christmas, it's like something that is customary because we want to look great and be the prettiest at the party. So girl if you are like the girls in the movies who want to have a boyfriend for Christmas, I'm sorry but forget it. With the money you were going to spend on your boyfriend, you better buy yourself some clothes and show off. You are a great girl. 

Now you are a girl who doesn't need a guy to spend Christmas, you should leave that romanticism and you have a great time with your friends or family.

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