viernes, 15 de octubre de 2021



Hi guys! I am happy because this is my first post and it gives me some nerves to write. Seriously, I hope you will support me and read me because I am new to this. I will be publishing one post per day if my studies allow me, then you will always have content. I promise that the content will be useful and great. By the way, my name is Valeria, but you can call me Vale or Val, that's why the blog is called "valevibes" and well everyone knows what vibes means. 

If you want to know me a little bit more, I like to play volleyball and I like cats. I also like to draw a lot, I just bought an ipad, but I'm saving money to buy an apple pencil. 

Before starting, I tell you that today I had an exhibition in my class and I think I did well. But it makes me very nervous to speak in front of many people. That is why I love virtuality because I exhibit on a laptop. 

Well, now I will tell you what today's post is about. Today's topic is selfcare routine, which I am excited to share. I hope you guys are inspired.

- Read a fiction novel

- Write in your journal

- Practice gentle slow breathwork

- Wash your face and teeth

- You can do skin care

- Sing songs or do karate

- Cool down your bedroom

- Take a warm bath or shower

- Listen to a relaxing music playlist

- Unplug from technology

That's all. I hope that you like it. See you girls! Thanks for the support. 

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