lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2022



Hello beautiful women, how are you? I'm watching one of my favorite series, while I'm writing this, the truth is that I've had a difficult few days. I just hope that everything gets better and I can achieve everything I have set out to do.

As you saw in the title, this time I bring you a great post about outfits ideas that you can use everyday. These ideas are great because it is aimed at women in their 50s. With these ideas you will look great.

A tip I give you is that you can make a monochromatic look because you can create a more aesthetic, minimal, intellectual and modern look, in the most fashionable and simple way you can imagine. Also, try to make your shoes, bag or belt contrast with the rest of your outfit so it doesn't look too simple.

3 comentarios:

  1. Gracias por su post. És raro tener fotos para mujeres com + de 50. Yo tengo mucho más. Pero aun me encanta arreglarme!!!

  2. Pero adonde se.pueden comprar?

  3. Hello, I never give comments, but I am in here, because I loved every outfit you shared as you focused on tiered skirts and maxi outfits, and some of your models looked a little older. Thank you for your elegant taste!