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Hello beautiful women, what's up? the truth is that I don't feel very well 100%, because the other cycle of the university I start an internship every day and that stresses me too much. It makes me sick to think about everything I will have to spend and that causes me too much stress, because the career I study is very expensive. That's why I decided to create this blog to help me a little bit financially, and that's why I hope this blog keeps growing more and more. I hope you always read me, it would really help me a lot. If you want you can make a small donation, in the menu bar is the option, everything is safe because the donation is through paypal.

Despite all this, I love my career and I don't regret having chosen it. It feels great to have found your vocation, every effort has its reward. Well my girls, as you saw in the title I bring you the essentials that we must have in our wardrobe. You can also get inspired by these outfits ideas that you will see below.

This time, this post is aimed at beautiful women in their 50's, you can read many tips that I'm sure you will love. Thanks for your support.

If there is one thing we must take into account as essential at this age, it is comfort and having discovered that you can dress with great style. Remember the importance of color in all your looks.

- White shirt

A white shirt gets you out of any trouble, it solves from a work look to a gala dinner and its radiant color brings a lot of light to the face and rejuvenates you. Isn't it great?

- Black leather pants

Uff I love this garment with all my being, it makes us feel sexy and flirty. Besides this is a material that conveys class and luxury, and brings a rocker touch that takes years off. A great buy!

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