domingo, 5 de junio de 2022



Hello dear cartoonists, how are you? I'm telling you that I had a reunion with my school friends and it was a chaos. They are used to my mom always cooking but yesterday my mom had to go out, so she couldn't cook. I told them very clearly that my mom couldn't cook and that's why we ordered food for delivery. But some of them said no and then they didn't want to order anymore. So, you know what they did, it was a joke, they cooked rice and eggs, the basics, and they still wanted me to cook, but I can't cook. Oh my God, it was pure laughter. 

Well that was the summary of my day, it was too funny. That's why I couldn't write almost anything on the blog, but I came back today and I put all the batteries in the world to bring you several posts. 

This time, I bring you some references to improve your drawings. I know you love to draw and that is very distracting. When I was a child, there wasn't a day when I didn't draw. Now I am reinforcing my drawings to soon learn how to draw on ipad. Yes girls I was finally able to buy the pencil to draw and that makes me very happy. By the way, you know that you can make a small donation, in the menu bar is the button. I hope you enjoy the post. 

None of the images are mine. Credits to their respective creators.

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