lunes, 25 de julio de 2022



Hello beautiful women, what's up? I have good news because this week I have some days off and I will finally be able to write to you again. You don't know how tiring it is to go back to college, I really only get home to sleep and the next day first thing in the morning I have to go to college again.  But I love my career and I am happy.

Well my dear beautiful women, this time I bring you some outfits ideas for women over 50 years old. I hope you like these outfits ideas. Remember that you can dress as you want, everyone is free. Don't mind the negative comments from envious people.

If you want you can give me more ideas to make post for this blog because sometimes I get blank. Please, I am waiting for your comments.

4 comentarios:

  1. Love all these style ideas❤️

  2. Love the styles, for tall models

  3. It would help if you wrote some comments near each photo about why this is a good choice and also tell us where to get these clothes.

  4. She’s skinnier than most 50 yr olds that I know.